Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Development One - Machine

This is the first sketch I chose to develop. It is, essentially, a cranberry tank. I did the turnaround different than normally to show it in the water, and on land. I was imagining this tank disguised as a cranberry both on land an in those large of expanses of water they harvest cranberries in like on the Ocean Spray adverts (cranberry farms I presume?) anyway, i'd always thought they looked awesome. I am pleased with the sketches, although
the perpective of the "cannon" part on the front sketch, I can tell, is a
little off.


  1. Hey Livi,

    Really love your blog banner - very creative, nicely 'lo-fi' - lovely! Just take a look at your template/image size, because here you've got an image that's breaking the boundaries of your template - easily fixed - re-edit the post and reduce the image size - click on the image and it will give you the choice of changing the dimensions :)