Sunday, 29 September 2013

Inspirational Artist - Rex Whistler

(Rex Whistler mural at Plas Newydd)

Although not conventionally linked to CG, I have chosen Rex Whistler as my inspirational artist. Rex Whistler was a british painter, graphic artist and illustrator active in the early 20th century but famous for his work boasting styles from the 18th century. I am particularly inspired by the mural above. I find the composition impressive - considering how many images, idea and messages it has, it does not feel too overcrowded or busy. Theres is always something new to took at when you see this painting, I like the idea of having multiple stories or ideas stemming out of one image. I like to look at his work close up as, unlike some artists, it is easy to tell the breakdown of the brushstrokes- which I find useful to study.

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