Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Research and First Thumbnails 1 - 15

 These are my first thumbnail sketches I completed after researching the first part of the extract. When I first read through this part, where the characters are on the ship and break through the earths core, I was intrigued by the word "ice stratum" having not heard of it before. This research is what brought me to the picture at the top left- I found out that a stratum was made up of layers of rock which I then used as inspiration on my first thumbnails, and the icy colour ones at the end. My initial thought  when I read about exploring the unknown in a large machine was the push in curiosity in the 19th century that came with industrialisation, and then naturally onto steampunk. I thought this would also give a lot of scope for some of the items described such as the chronometer and the door they escape from. I found out the book was written in 1914- the year the first world war broke out. This led me to conjure up many metaphors behind the idea of large industrials machines unwelcome in foreign lands, i wanted to reflect this in my thumbnails so looked up WW1 tanks.


  1. It's good to see that you're using you're research to really think about the time period and linking this back into your work. Nice to see your initial thumbnails. It would be great to see some more depth in them (which can be seen in some of the sketches).
    Also, something I was doing during this project was drawing a small section of an environment rather than a big space which seems to be the case in some of these. What might help is taking a thumbnail you like, place it in the middle of your page in Photoshop and drawing round it so you're extending the image. Keep taking what you've drawn and make it smaller repeating the process. This will help to build up the space :) Does that make sense?
    Last point, it's really helpful to number the images so that when they're up on you're blog, we can just refer to the number of the image we're talking about.
    Just a few tips that you might find helpful. Great start, looking forward to seeing more thumbnails :)

    1. Ohh ok thanks Anita :) I'll have a look at your blog and take that on board!

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