Thursday, 31 October 2013

Secret Lairs Research

I started my research buy looking up different uses of the word subterranean, the one that jumped out to me the most was 'Cenote', as it came up with such beautiful imagery. I particularly liked the idea of these mayan cenotes because of the links to the gods.
Next I looked at Hades, The god of the underworld, and places he is linked to. I particularly like the image from Disney's Hercules of Hades' boat on a river full of souls
I liked the idea of using an unconventional use of subterranean and underground, so started to look at underground bars. I like the idea of a secret cult or society, or a secret meeting taking place somewhere.
I then decided to look at unconventional perceptions of God, and liked the idea of using a manipulative and charismatic character, someone that people wrongfully look up to as a god. I did some researches into charismatic villains such as Charles Manson who relevantly claims he "rules the underworld"


  1. loving this strand of research, Livi - lovely stuff :)