Sunday, 3 November 2013

Hero Prop Research and Sketches

I wanted to combine roman and greek mythology with modern pimp paraphernalia. I researched into chalices from different eras and 'Spintriae', which were coins used in Roman times to solicit prostitutes. I also looked at different symbols for Hades that I could incorporate into my designs.

Below are some drawings I made of possible hero props. The two canes are based on the symbols of Hades, and the cup incorporates both new and old- a classic shape with neon lights (around the top and bottom) and stripper symbols instead of classic roman or greek illustrations. Inside the cup are my modern take on the Spintriae coins.


  1. I feel you've taken this project in a very interesting and in that, brilliant direction while staying with the god aspect at the same time, due to the strong relation to Hades. The idea of a subterranean pimp god is an unexpected yet effective way to lean away from being generic. Of the staffs I most like the G-shaped one. The chalice is a great combination of existing Ancient Greek chalices and modern pimp related imagery which makes for both a positively amusing and interesting design, looking at the shapes used and imagining them as models I feel you could even model both a staff and chalice :)