Monday, 9 December 2013

Different Render Views

These are a selection of renders i've taken at different angles, I wanted to include both the floor and the glass above. I tried moving the sign in one of them. Any feedback?


  1. Livi,u did really well :) i like no 5:D

  2. I think nos 3/5 - without the ceiling - it just makes things punchier that way. Also - I'd be tempted to dial back the glow a bit on the pillar - not much, but enough to get rid of the 'whiteness' that is creeping in - almost as if 'the page' is showing through. I'd also consider colourising the spotlight - again, the whiteness seems a bit wishy-washy in the context of this vibrant club.

  3. These are looking really good, Livi! I like 5 :)