Friday, 10 January 2014

Script to Screen Ideas

My Three words are





My basic idea is a busy single mother who is juggling jobs to save money to buy her daughter some rollerskates. The photobooth would appear in a few scenes to show characters ageing and the passing of time. Below is my mind map of ideas so far

I liked the idea of setting it in Tokyo because of their famous purikura photobooths. I also like the idea of incorporating the "suicide forests" near Tokyo- a lot of business men commit suicide there JUGGLING their work and busy lives etc. 

Their would be three characters, mother, daughter, and father- the father would only appear in flashbacks and in photos.

Feedback welcome please!


  1. You know I like your lateral thinking, Livi... and there's a glimmer of J-Horror peeking out at me somehow from this idea; the notion of the Photo Booth proving prophetic somehow - producing photos of more than what was inside of it (secret photos) feels creepy (haunted photo booth?) and suddenly the roller-skate feels like it could take on an uncanny vibe (in the way childhood objects always can) and 'the juggler' as an apparition or boogeyman or 'shadow' - 'juggling souls'?

    1. Thanks for scaring me senseless!
      I like the idea of the dead father playing a more prominent or sinister role though

  2. Hi Livi, it's really interesting you talking about the pressure of jobs and they also relate to the family, and just make me think of an animation called El Empleo(2008), hope it helps :P

    1. Ooh I really liked that Candice! It was really haunting. I like the piano music- i'll bare this is mind when thinking of sound