Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Script to Screen OGR


  1. *at! at a summer festival!
    Livi's spell checking fails her again....

  2. OGR 24/01/2014

    Hey Livi,

    I'm looking forward to seeing your art direction/production design decisions around this story, because there's such a distinct tone and feel to your story idea. I don't know, but it it doesn't feel as stylised and 'toony' as your provisional character designs suggest. It feels more 'line art' and less cel-shaded to me - but that's a very subjective response from me. I don't know, but it feels more like this kind of world to me (Father and Daughter by Michael Dudok De Wit).

    Anyway - the only further suggestion I'd make is in regard to your structure; I think something's gone missing from the immediacy of the story by taking out the 'non-linear' element. I can just imagine how it might start very effectively with the woman looking at the first photobooth images by candlelight; the frame is nice and cropped, and so we're not aware of the environment particularly - we just assume that we're encountering a character looking at old photos, with the candle-light contributing to our assumption that this is a romantic/nostalgic moment - as opposed to the moment just before the woman makes her decision to live; it doesn't change anything at all, except this structure creates a certain snugness. If you return to this exact same shot at the end of your story, you'll satisfy your audience more so, as they recognise the full context of the original shot.

    So - two things to think about - art direction and a tweak to the structure. I'd be tempted, in terms of art direction, to look to Japanese painting for a rule book re. colour palette, composition and line: some inspiration?

  3. you should look at sin city or the spirit sprt of frank miller black and white with a single iteam of colour would look cool