Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Soundscape OGR

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  1. There is some good work here, Livi. Your synchronisation of SFX in certain places works well and gives the viewer a sense of moving into different spaces. The crowd noise works well as an ambience.

    I’m a little confused by your choice of jazz to express the emotion of the painting. The narrative created by Grosz is one of despair at a ‘humanity that had gone insane’, but the use of jazz makes the viewer think that they are watching a late-night café scene with lots of cool people drinking and chatting. While your combination of music and SFX successfully conveys this emotion, from your description I’m not entirely sure this was the mood you were aiming for. Have a think about the emotions that you want your viewers to experience and then consider the music and SFX that you would expect to provoke the appropriate response.

    I also feel that the music is working rather hard compared to the SFX. Although some of your SFX come through at key points, there are sections of the animatic where it is not clear how the soundtrack is helping to tell the story. More use of long ambiences such as your crowd noise might help locate the viewer in the appropriate space. You have some good ideas, but put yourself in the viewer’s position and consider whether the combination of music and SFX is helping them to follow your narrative.