Thursday, 6 March 2014

Fantastic Voyage OGR


  1. OGR 06/03/2014

    Hey Livi,

    You know I did think there might be a joke in here if the narrator turned out to be a 'magic mushroom' - nice reveal. I going to be completely honest and say that I think this story conceit works much, much better if the character is a hippy insect, as opposed to just random hippy human. I know logic is hardly your principle concern, but I just think it makes sense to have a miniature thing as witness to a miniature miracle. I also think the prospect of a 'hippy bug' is just funnier than a 'hippy'. Again, in terms of 'logic', shouldn't your resident hippy bug be based upon an actual insect of the San Fran area?

    also, here is info on ferns native to the San Fran area:

    I also can't help feeling that the imagery of psychedelia should surely feed into your visual concept, so you should check out the posters and handbills of Victor Moscoso -

    indeed, visually, I don't see why your world should be anything less than this stylised - or perhaps there should be 'outbursts' of psychedelia as the natural phenomena becomes more 'groovy' and 'out there'. Your world could be much less this:

    and much more this:

    The other issue you have is getting the perfect voice over artist - you're going to need a performer, not just silky tones - and in terms of soundscape, it's surely an opportunity to have some fun. You might also want to look at the experimental animations of John Whitney for some further 'cosmic' visuals.

    I look forward to you developing all of this further, Livi - and in terms of deriving new thumbnails and concept art, you might want to use your new knowledge of Illustrator and filling shapes with pattern etc. to work up some suitably psychedelic thumbnails.

  2. Hi Livi,

    Don't want to be a boring old nag-bag, but you're one of the few remaining year 1/year 2 students yet to complete the ISS survey - or are yet to let me know that you have done. See original link:

    Many thanks :)