Saturday, 27 September 2014

A Hero's Journey - Labyrinth

The ordinary world is Sarah's hometown and house. She is a dreamer who likes to reenact all her favourite fairytales and wishes that she was in one. She hates that her parents always make her babysit, especially this particular day where she wishes her little baby brother Toby would be taken away.

The tight pant clad Goblin King appears to tells Sarah he has stolen Toby away. He gives her two options, he would steal all her dreams in exchange for Toby or would give her 13 hours in his kingdom, to get through his Labyrinth and rescue her brother Toby.

Sarah never particularly refuses to go with him, but at first she is hesitant and refused to believe he has stolen her brother. Sarah then releases this is her only option, realising at the same time how much she actually loves her brother.

The Goblin King takes Sarah to the outskirts of his kingdom, and is shown the castle she has to reach within 13 hours to stop her brother being turned into a goblin. She is then left to fend for herself.

She is introduced to Hoggle, a dwarf who says he's been sent to help Sarah. Playing on the idea of "A Hero's Journey", which by default means she needs a mentor to help her on her way, she is forced to trust Hoggle as she has nowhere else to turn. In reality he is a "false mentor" sent to deter Sarah.

The film is full of these, each of which makes her more determined to reach the castle. Right near the start Sarah solves a riddle to pass through a door. This makes her realise she is stronger than she thinks. She meets Ludo, a big friendly mentor who she saves from evil monsters, and Sir Didymus, who she befriends after solving another riddle. The three interlink in the film as often enemies become friends and both allies and enemies give her problems to test her.

When Sarah is on the brink of giving up, she enters a room made up identical to her room at home. She is overjoyed by the comfort of her childhood items and begins to forget about saving Toby. She slowly begins to realise that all of her items are junk compared to her little brother and is then resolved to go and save him.

In the junkyard Sarah is reunited with her friends, and forgives Hoggle for being deceptive in the past. The group head towards the castle, defeating guards and monsters along the way, When the get to the stairs leading up to where the Goblin King lives, Sarah is determined to do it alone.

Sarah sees Toby from across a logic defying room, and jumps and crawls through different angular floors of the room, She sees Toby just below her and jumps one final time to grab hold of him.

As she falls she is transported to a white limbo where the Goblin King is stood. He offers her a chance to give in but she delivers a long monologue during which she realises she has the power and that the Goblin King has no power over her.

This realisation is the key she needed to return home, where Toby is sleeping soundly and Sarah happily has a new perspective on life

Not a conventional resurrection, but right at the end of the film, her friends from the other world who she left to save Toby, return to tell her they will always be there for her if she needs them.

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  1. Nice, although you could argue that the resurrection has an element defined by her age and the pressure to grow up. The message being that her friends will always be with her despite her age - ordinary world (adult) and special world (childhood)

    "The tight pant clad Goblin King" - Funny!