Saturday, 25 October 2014

Rumspringa Game Concept

Above is the logo I designed to brand my game concept- Rumspringa. It incorporates the two key elements of my game- The felty art style and the Amish lifestyle.

My game concept, Rumspringa, is based on the period of the name, in which young Amish people between the ages of around 16-25 can experiment with the "English" world (world outside of the Amish community). This time is meant to be a decision period, during which they can decide wether or not to dedicate their lives to the Amish Church. Although rules are more lax for them around this time, there is still a lot of pressure to be a good christian, and to eventually dedicate themselves to the Amish Church. 

The contrast in the lifestyles they can choose between, and the "freedom" that they have is the basis of my game. It is the most extreme form of teenagers disobeying their parents.

They game will be day-cycle based, during which time the players can decide wether or not their days take an Amish route or more English route. There will be pressures from both worlds, deciding who to talk to at parties or what form of transport to take to church if you want to get there on time.

Although 'crafty' throughout, the art style and colours/ weather in the game depending on what decisions you make and who is trying to get your attention. It will look blissful and felty one minute, then suddenly - lightning and angry faced cardboard cutouts.

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