Monday, 12 January 2015

Adaptation Project Ideas

1. Ever since seeing an exhibition where an artist perfectly recreated an indian stall filled with bits and bobs that would be sold to tourists, complete with sun-bleached knock-off batman toys and old soup cans full of cheap key rings, i've been interested in recreating specific cultural phenomena. I like the idea of recreating places i've seen, but that people wouldn't think of, such as a small Moroccan hairdressers or a back ally Thai beauty salon.

2. In Swedish, The word "Mangata" is the definition for the reflection of the moon across an expanse of water. I always thought this was an interesting concept, the idea of path like strip of light that only appears at night, And maybe a person or creature that walks across it.

3. A while ago an ill Nigerian man told me a story about his life in nigeria vs his life in London and the way he's been treated by the NHS. I've always wanted to tell this story somehow.

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