Sunday, 11 January 2015

Anatomy of... A Women's Handbag


I've decided to make my infographic on the anatomy or a women's handbag. It will be based on stereotypes of women vs what you would actually find in a women's handbag. There are endless beauty magazine articles about "What a women should have in their handbag" so there is a lot of scope to parody. There is also a lot of scope to explore the art styles of 1940s and 50s fashion and fashion illustrations.
To start off, I have listed what I have in bag vs what "Feminine Allure" blog says I should have in my handbag 

Feminine Allure Bag
-Baby Wipes
-Breath Freshner
-Nail File 
-A box of matches (to clear bathroom odor)
-Sewing Kit

My Bag
-8 reciepts
-Undelivered Christmas card
-My Old Phone
-A perfume sample
-Business card from a Mexican bar
-3 train tickets
-A nice ring I found on the floor


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  2. Hi Livi

    You may also want to consider a 'Mum with a young baby's' handbag.