Friday, 6 February 2015

Adaptation A - Anatomy of a Women's Handbag


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  1. Livi, I’m going start this feedback by talking about the weakest points of your infographic. Firstly, I don’t think the ‘Bates Motel’ section was animated well enough (timing) – it arrives and leaves in a strange/ brief manner. There are also very minor timing problems too with the way the cross animates on/off screen. Secondly, the design of the mints is too simplistic and light, simply put they are less interesting than your other designs. Finally, the ending of your film is a little abrupt particularly from an audio point of view…adding music after the voice finishes could solve this.

    Ok, so why the negative feedback first? Because everything else you've produced is excellent, the script, voiceover, the designs/ artwork (like these), the appeal, the tone, are all spot on. I can see you’ve worked really hard too, there is a lot of detail and finesse in each design element and you’ve considered each scene carefully. This approach is reflected in your intelligent script too which you’ve also managed to have read appropriately by a professional voiceover artist. – Congratulations a successful and enjoyable film, Well done.