Sunday, 11 October 2015

Panic Attack Research

I researched into different ways in which directors express panic attacks and panic attacks are portrayed on and in films. There has recently been a massive boost in people's realisation that anxiety and other mental illnesses are not often fully explored on film. Through my research I was aiming to decide wether or not the panic scene in my film would use different methods to discuss what was going on in his mind, or to be as real as possible.

This student short film expresses how one girl sees her panic attacks. Both colour
and the metaphor of a person is used.

This video uses real life reference alongside comments from the users of the website buzzfeed.

This video received a lot of media attention earlier on in the year. This man filmed himself
having a panic attack to raise awareness of what it's like to study from social anxiety.
There is many videos similar online which are pretty harrowing but have a powerful impact.

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