Monday, 21 October 2013

Stepping out into Pellucidar

This is my first piece of concept art as it stands, might mess around with the colour a little more. Feedback welcome!

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  1. Hi Livi - there is a real whimsicality here - a sort of 'Disney Princess' take on the source novel, which I like. A few suggestions - you've got that line of 'orbs' on the left that are in a completely straight line? And the orange grass looks a little less developed than the tree itself, so perhaps there's some inconsistencies here. The suggestions of islands look a bit too delineated too if they're receding into the distance. Also - wouldn't all that pink light also be reflected on the machine itself, and likewise 'rim lighting' the edges of the tree? I'd just suggest you could pull your world together a bit more by thinking about the effect your light conditions would have on the things in the scene :)