Thursday, 16 January 2014

More Script to Screen story ideas

My story was overly complex so i've tried to re arrange it and simplify it. My new basic premise is that the daughter finds old photobooth photos of her mother and father and her mum tells her in flashbacks the story of how they met (at a roller rink), fell in love, but then had financial issues causing the dad to start juggling jobs and eventually commit suicide. I think this has more scope for nice shots of Tokyo and the mother and daughter. Feedback anyone?


  1. Hi livi :)
    i have an idea of the versions of the mother and father saying the same story , while the girl see the photo, her mum told her what happened, while the night the girl in dream her dad come to tell her the story in person?! like actually the mother and family give him many pressure on their finance and the people around as well?? :P

    1. Oooh yeah i like the idea of the ghostly dad being more involved :D