Friday, 17 January 2014

Script to screen plotline

This is the new revised bullet-pointed plot line for my story. Thought I would trial run it here before writing the full script out.

-Mother and Daughter in bed looking at old photo booth photo of Mother and Father


-Mum sees dad at roller rink in a park in Tokyo
-Dad takes her hand and they run of to take silly photos in photobooth

-Mum and Dad lying on a rooftop looking at stars together

-Mum and Dad with keys to new house

-Dad proposes to mum in the photobooth (this is seen through montage of photos)

-Dad starts at work, mum hands briefcase, waves goodbye
-Montage of Dad coming home from work looking more and more stressed, Mum looking more and more pregnant
-Dad stressed at desk, mum tries to reach over and touch shoulder but he lashes out

-Dad walking through suicide forest, disorientated, looks up at big tree

-Mum walks roller rink where they met and up to photo booth
-Sat in photo booth we see ghost of father, and a ghostly rope round her neck
-She closes her eyes and shakes her head and the ghosts are gone

-Back to child fallen asleep w/ mum
-Mum smiles at her and strokes her head
-Pan out and we see ghostly father at door
-Pans up to sky

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