Thursday, 27 February 2014

Fantastic Voyage: Life Cycle of a Fern

I have decided to make my animation on the reproductive cycle of a fern. I looked online for some different sources to help me understand the concept, In the end I found this the most comprehensive;-

While looking for a good video I found an incredibly slow stop motion of the cycle, the speed of it made the whole process seem un real and like an intense godly moment, which to me- was funny. From this I got my idea.

I decided I wanted my animation to be told as a story, someone who has experienced this strangely godly, intense experience. I decided the whole story will be told through the gaze of an old hippy, reminiscing of the sixties, and a time he witnessed something amazing (which is actually the life cycle of a fern). I'm imagining a man sat in a bar, smoking a cigarette, with flashbacks of the fern lifecycle- in show motion- played to an almost religious soundtrack.

This character reminded me of one of my all time favourite animations, Chonto, (below) which is mock-autobiographical, about an old rocker and his experience with a pet monkey. He is a hilariously pretentious guy who all the time gives off a "I've seen things, man" vibe. This is what I want to capture.


I'm thinking of titling the animation
Shit Got Small

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  1. Hi Livi - I like the idea of an 'old hippy' narrating this 'mini-miracle' - and I can see an opportunity for a great script and a great voice-over performance too. It did occur to me though to suggest that perhaps you might consider working with the microverse logic a bit more - i.e. having your 'hippy' as an insect, or bug - or even, a caterpillar...