Sunday, 2 March 2014

Script Research/ Guidebook

I did a lot of research while writing my script. Below is a collection of images I found most comprehensive while trying to fully understand to cycle, and that helped me decide what I could compare the stages to. I had the following links open throughout the process, A dictionary of 60s slang and the best explanation I found of the cycle.

Here is a guidebook of sorts explaining different references I researched in my script

San Francisco: San Francisco was where the first people coined as hippies were based and was a hotspot for hippie activity

Ronald C. "Pigpen" McKernan: An original member of The Grateful Dead who died age 27 of liver failure in 1973

Magic Mountain Music Festival: A two day festival held on Mt. Tamalpais, California in 1967. It was the first in a series of festivals in San Francisco that kickstarted the Summer of Love

Candyass: 60s slang for really bad

Nexus: A popular drug with sweating side affects

Jupitecas: A branch of Mexican hippies who travelled around a lot

Bug: 60s slang for Volkswagen Beetle, car driven commonly by hippies

Stone Fox: 60s slang for a good looking woman

Than Dien Forest: Than Dien Forest is one of the battlegounds used in 'Operation Cedar Falls', a mission held in 1967 (year the animation is set) as part of the Vietnam War

Twilight Zone: 60s slang, "a situation that seems a little unreal in which time and reality aren't necessarily apparent"

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