Sunday, 2 March 2014

Shit Got Small Script

Sitting here in the bar in a Tuesday afternoon on this fine
day in late February takes me back man. Takes me back
to my enlightenment. The time when me and the other
oppressed outskirters of San Francisco were seeking the
truth through sexual revolution and altered states of
consciousness. Then one day, it snuck up on me. Snuck
up on me about as subtly as Ronald C. "Pigpen"
McKernan's death would in 73. Long live the Grateful
Dead. This was the day of rebirth. This was the day-
Shit. Got. Small.
It was 1967. A year of sofa surfing was progressing
into a summer of tent hopping and I'd found myself at
the Magic Mountain Music Festival up Mt. Tamalpais,
California. I was walking through the green desert when I
stopped to admire a plant that reminded me of a woman i'd
meet the night before. FEARNE.
I kneeled down to get a closer look, that's when it happened
,y'know, when the shit got small. Those little yellow fellas,
I could really relate man, must have been some candy ass
Nexus, we've all been there.
Then suddenly they started opening up their little mouths
to me, as if to say "Do you dig it?", and a whole new bunch
of new age travellers start rushing out, at first all together a pack of Jupitecas burning bug rubber down
the highway in their way to Avándaro. All together and
then suddenly, alone. Like all fleeting joyous moments,
alone. I noticed one guy in particular. He crashed, but his
emotions were swelling. Swelling to the shape of what
was dominating his mind - love. Anchoring himself in the
ground tighter and tighter, I began to realise what a stone
fox she must have been. A single tear was shed. It moved
slowly across his being. A lonely soldier with a heavy load
walking slowly across his own Than Dien forest of inner
thoughts. Then the lucky guy found what he was looking
for. I bore witness to his own moment of reckoning. The
moment one became two. He let me into his soul and for
that i am eternally grateful. New wife. New Life. Troubles,
Struggles, Little yellow bubbles. Strife. I'd felt it all, and as
the fern started to grow, so did I. I was leaving the Twilight
Zone, a new man. And let me tell you.
It was electric.

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